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3 - 5 Years


Welcome to Fireflies! As children become more confident in themselves, we are ready to help them excel in their environment. Teachers want to help your child develop their social skills and improve their interactions with peers. 



Children move into Fireflies at age 3, when they are fully potty trained and are becoming more socially active. Fireflies grow confident in their environment as they begin preparing for kindergarten.

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Fireflies are included in our Pre-K curriculum. This includes a weekly theme surrounding a letter, with many activities throughout the week that build vocabulary skills, and other knowledge including hand writing, numbers, colors, shapes and social-emotional learning.

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Fireflies MUST be potty trained prior to enrolling. This means that the child does NOT wear Pull-Ups or diapers, and does not have regular accidents. Bathroom breaks are scheduled every few hours, otherwise Fireflies are responsible for telling teachers when/if they have to use the bathroom.



Fireflies take 1 nap in the afternoon. Parents are responsible for bringing  a nap mat and blanket for their child to use during nap time. Teachers sit next to the children as they sleep, and often pat or rub the child's back as they fall asleep. Even if children do not nap, this time is treated as a quiet rest time.

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