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8-14 Months


Welcome to Tigers! This class is filled with infants who are becoming mobile and are excited to have the freedom to explore the new world around them. 


Infants transition into Tigers at 8 months old, with parental guidance. At this point, Tigers are beginning to eat table food, sit up on their own, and are on a more regular morning and afternoon nap schedule. Our teachers are especially excited to get on the floor and help your little one get hands on experience trying to figure out their independence. 


Tigers spend lots of time growing their large and fine motor skills, using their hands, begin moving more, and learning to express basic needs through sign language and some words. Most younger Tigers will take morning naps as needed in their separate napping space. Tigers are changed every 2 hours, have morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack, and will take bottles as needed and permitted by the parent. Everything that happens with your Tiger, including diaper changes, meals, naps, and activities, is sent to the parent through the ProCare app. 

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