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4 Years


Welcome to Panthers! As your child becomes ready to transition into a school setting, our teachers make sure that your child is comfortable going to school and is prepared for whatever lies ahead of them. 


Children move into Panthers at age 4, when they have shown that they can not only interact well with their teachers but are able to build strong relationships with their peers and are ready for something more exciting and challenging than their current classroom can offer. 


Panthers are preparing for kindergarten, so we take extra time to make sure that your child is confident in themselves and their abilities. Our teachers are tested daily by your child's questions as they become eager to explore the world outside of their classroom. Panthers work on simple puzzles, hand-eye coordination, sorting objects based on simple colors or shapes, writing their name, using words to compare different objects or people, and express their wants and needs to their friends and teachers. Occasional field trips such as movies, the apple orchard, and sporting events allow time for your child's imagination to grow outside of the classroom. Morning snack is served and then Panthers start their busy day learning in the classroom, playing outside (if weather permits), getting messy with crafts and sensory activities, and a good nap to recover and prepare for the rest of their day. Meals are logged through the ProCare app and pictures of your child are often sent throughout the day.

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