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2 Years


Welcome to Giraffes! As your little one becomes busier and more independent, we are ready to let them take the lead with their imagination.


Toddlers transition to Giraffes at 24 months, as they are becoming more energetic and independent. Giraffes allow their curiosity to take the lead with plenty of sensory activities, more access to art, and becoming more comfortable playing around peers. 


Giraffes focus on allowing toddlers to become confident in themselves. Most of their day is spent doing constructive and functional play, improving their artistic abilities, and learning new skills like colors, numbers, letters, shapes, and gaining self help skills such as buttons, zippers, putting on clothing, and lots of potty training. We also encourage more conversation with peers and teachers by expressing basic feelings through words. Giraffes will have a morning snack around 8:15am, followed by time outside and in the classroom. Lunch is served around 11, then Giraffes have an afternoon nap. The rest of the afternoon allows time to play outside (if weather permits), have an afternoon snack, and spend time in free play. All naps, meals, and diaper changes/potty trips are documented through the ProCare app and sent to parents throughout the day. 

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