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14-19 Months


Welcome to Otters! As your little one becomes more familiar with their world and is ready to explore off the floor, we are prepared to guide them through their new adventures. 


Toddlers move into Otters around 14 months as they begin walking without assistance. Otter teachers are excited to help your toddler explore outside of the classroom, and give extra attention to expand your child's imagination. 

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Otters begin to take part in our early childhood curriculum. For young toddlers, this begins with basic speech and self-help skills. Art and sensory projects are favorites among the Otters, and we often use crayons to begin building the fine motor skills essential for future writing.



Diapers are changed at least every 2 hours, and more often as needed. Parents are responsible for providing diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and extra clothes. Our diaper changing areas are sanitized after every diaper change, and teachers wash their hands between changing each child. 



Otters take 1 nap in the afternoon Parents are responsible for bringing  a nap mat and blanket for their child to use during nap time. Teachers sit next to the children as they sleep, and often pat or rub the child's back as they fall asleep. Even if children do not nap, this time is treated as a quiet rest time.

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