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3 Years


Welcome to Gorillas! As children become more confident in themselves, we are ready to help them excel in their environment. Teachers want to help your child develop their social skills and improve their interactions with peers. 


Children move into Gorillas at age 3, when they are fully potty trained and are becoming more socially active. Gorillas grow confident in their environment as they become more comfortable playing with friends and communicating with adults. 


Gorillas emphasize growing social interactions and learning new skills to prepare them for pre-K. Dramatic play is very popular in this classroom as children begin to apply their imagination to real world situations. Gorillas learn new colors, count to higher numbers, improve their use of manners, and spend more time working with peers. Children begin to learn to write letters and numbers, attempt to write their name, explore materials such as sand and water through sensory play, and use words to describe themselves, their art, and their classroom. After a morning snack, Gorillas will spend time in the classroom and outside (if weather permits). Lunch is served around 11:30, then the class will take a nap, spend time outside, do crafts, and have free play. Meals are recorded through the ProCare app and pictures of your children are often sent throughout the day.  

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