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4 Weeks - 8 Months


Welcome to Sloths! This classroom is dedicated to our immobile babies who are still reliant on an extra comforting touch. 


We know it can be difficult to leave a newborn at daycare, so our teachers are excited to give extra attention to your baby. We love getting to know the youngest faces at Kid's Crossing as their personalities bloom!


Sloths work on new skills such as rolling over, holding their head up, beginning to babble, and tons of tummy time. Our teachers ensure that each child is changed as needed every two hours, fed every three hours, and naps multiple times throughout the day in a safe sleeping space. You can choose to provide your own formula/breastmilk and baby food, otherwise we provide iron fortified formula. We begin to feed table food only when you allow, and any changes to your child's diet are regulated by the parent. Parents can see every activity updated to their child's schedule, message with their teacher, and even see photos of their child throughout the day in the ProCare app. 

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