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19-24 Months


Welcome to Rhinos! As your little one's independence grows, so does their interactions with peers and teachers. Teachers guide children through new communication skills as children begin to play alongside classmates.


Children transition to Rhinos at 19 months as they are becoming more verbal and begin to express their desires through words. Rhino teachers help your child to effectively communicate and fulfill some of their own basic needs.


Rhinos are ready to start using effective communication to allow teachers to understand basic wants and needs. Teachers encourage your child to use more words, play alongside peers, enhance fine and large motor skills, and learn basic self help skills such as putting on shoes with help, washing hands on their own, and helps clean up toys. After a morning snack, rhinos will spend some time outside (if weather permits) followed by time in the classroom performing sensory activities, art, and learning. Lunch is served and then rhinos take an afternoon nap to prepare for an afternoon of play outside and in the classroom. Meals, naps, and diaper changes/potty trips are all reported in the ProCare app along with occasional photos throughout the day.

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