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All employees must be CPR certified within the first 90 days of hire. CPR certification must be renewed every 2 years and an updated copy of certification is kept on hand at KCDC.

There are multiple options on how to become CPR certified. You do not have to use one of the classes listed, but you must provide a copy of CPR certification.

*if you have previously worked in childcare and already completed CPR certification, you can visit to access your certification.


1 hour online course followed by a short in-person test

Call 605.312.8390 to get the link for the online course, then call again to set up an in person test

Open M-F 8:30-4:30

SV Training Center

3 hour online class and2 hour in person skills test


Call 605.400.3915 or email to register

Sioux Falls Fire and Rescue

Online course ($15) and in person skill test ($20)

Sign up here

*click on "Heart Savers Skill Session", then the "CPR/AED with First Aid" link

First aid

All staff must be First Aid certified. First Aid certification renews every 3 years, and you are responsible for obtaining your certification. You do not have to receive First Aid certification from the list given, but you must be able to provide a certificate of completion.

New Hires

First Aid is included in the Health and Safety orientation. 

First Aid

Red Cross

Health and Safety Module 2

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