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19-24 Months


Welcome to Toucans! As your little one's independence grows, so does their interactions with peers and teachers. Teachers guide children through new communication skills as children begin to play alongside classmates.



Children transition to Toucans at 14 months as they begin walking independently. Toucan teachers help your child to effectively communicate and fulfill some of their own basic needs.

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Toucans take part in our early childhood curriculum. For Toucans, this includes building speech skills and beginning to effectively communicate basic wants and needs with teachers. Toucans' activities and weekly themes build upon new knowledge such as the alphabet, colors, and songs.

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Potty training is a major part of Toucan's routine. When children begin showing interest in going to the bathroom, the lead teacher will reach out to parents and receive consent to begin potty training at daycare. Teachers take the children potty at least every 2 hours, and parents are welcome to send rewards for successfully going to the bathroom.



Toucans take 1 nap in the afternoon. Parents are responsible for bringing  a nap mat and blanket for their child to use during nap time. Teachers sit next to the children as they sleep, and often pat or rub the child's back as they fall asleep. Even if children do not nap, this time is treated as a quiet rest time.

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